Just another Friday at ABG

Hello and welcome back to your Just another Friday at ABG Capital blog post! Let’s jump right in and see what’s been going on in the office this week.

First and foremost I’d like to extend a warm welcome to our newest employee, Santhi Arjunan. Santhi will be working with our Development team as a Java Developer. She earned her education in India and has been a Pittsburgher since 1989. Santhi has two daughters and enjoys spending her spare time cooking, taking walks and caring for others. Having worked at a large organization in Pittsburgh for the last 13 years, Santhi really knows her stuff and we’re happy to have her as part of our team!

Before I jump into our ABG Capital Biggest Losers updates, I want to mention a blog post that we’ve prepared for next week. Building your own startup is always a scary thing. Our blog post will help guide you through the process and ensure that your startup will be a success.

ABG Capital Biggest Losers Challenge And now for your weekly updates for our Biggest Losers Challenge! Today marks the end of the 4th week and also the half-way point of the competition. As you know, each week comes with a challenge for the participants. This week’s challenge was to keep a food journal. Everyone had to write down everything they ate from the moment they woke up to the time they went to bed.

We know that everyone is always attached to their phones so we suggested using My Fitness Pal and Livestrong, which are two different apps to help keep track of everything eaten during the day. These apps are great because they count calories and calculate your fat, protein and carb consumption. They’re also FREE to download!

As for the actual challenge, the participants were to track their daily food intake and then they would earn points based on these seven factors listed below.

  • Ate a healthy breakfast
  • Ate a healthy lunch and dinner
  • Had 2 servings of fruit and 3 servings of vegetables
  • Ate healthy snacks
  • Drank 8 glasses of water (at least)
  • Avoided bad foods
  • Watched your portion control

This was a really great challenge because it shows you your eating habits, and you might be surprised! If you’re trying to become a healthier person, then start keeping a food journal and write down everything you eat no matter how big or small it is. It’ll hold you accountable for what you’re eating and hopefully you’ll start wanting to swap out the bad stuff for the good stuff.

Now that we’ve covered all of this week’s ABG Capital highlights, we want to share a few updates from the Month End Meeting that was held today:

  • Award Season: We’re in the process of going through the Best Places to Work in Pa and Best Places to Work in Western Pa surveys. We ranked on these lists last year and we can’t wait to share our rankings for this year!
  • May Employee of the Month: Mark Fleckenstein
  • June Honorable Mention: Jed Blazanin
  • June Spotlight: Jenn Williams
  • Promotions: Cameron Nutter was promoted to a Level 2 Technical Support Rep

Congratulations to everyone who has received some fantastic recognition his week!

Thank you for checking out the ABG Capital blog and we hope you have a great weekend!

Just another Friday at ABG

Since we didn’t get a chance to tell you yesterday, Happy Halloween! Of course we celebrated the holiday in the office yesterday by throwing a Halloween Party complete with a Pot Luck lunch and costume contests. Right now, I’d like to announce our winners for these five costume contest categories:

  • Best Woman: Denise Breide as a witch
  • Best Man: Nick Jenkner as Ezio Auditore da Firenze from Assassins Creed
  • Scariest: Tom Cavey as Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars
  • Most Original: Steve Korbett as Gary King from The World’s End
  • Funniest: Joe Aponick as Jed Blazanin another ABG Capital employee

If you want to see some more great pictures of everyone in their costumes, visit our Facebook page!

IMG_2273small IMG_2262small IMG_2264small

In other news from this week, Brian Barnebei started on Monday as our new Legal Counsel. We mentioned last week that we gave him a warm welcome by giving him some decorations for his office. Unfortunately, he didn’t like all the Pitt Panthers memorabilia we filled his office with. He retaliated by dressing up as a Mountaineer (since his REAL favorite team is WVU Mountaineers) for Halloween. He was a great sport about the whole thing which is why he’ll fit right back in here at ABG Capital.

Our Executive Team has also arrived back from their Gazelles, Inc. Fortune Growth Summit in Las Vegas. Our CEO, Jeff Tapolci, had this to say about his time there, “As usual, the Fortune Summits validates a lot of what we are doing right, but also gives us a lot more to think about that we can be doing as a company. This particular event validated that we are doing the right things by focusing on our culture.” It’s always nice to be reassured that you’re on the right track to making your company as good as it can be.

Before we close out this week, we’ll be joined by our family, friends, clients, and associates for an Open House to show off our new office. We’ll enjoy a great evening filled with great company, light hors d’ oeuvres and refreshments.

On that note, have a great weekend!

Just another Friday at ABG

Welcome back to the ABG Capital blog where you’ll find all of the important information from around our office! Things are starting to pick up again, now that summer is winding down and school is starting back up. It’s about that time when the push is on to get all of the projects completed before the end of the year.

ABG Capital Volunteers

The ABG Capital gang volunteering at the Food Bank last year!

It’s also that time of the year when all of our events are in full bloom! We are planning to have an open house to show off our brand new office, we’ll be heading to the Greater Pittsburgh Area Food Bank Repack Center in Duquesne to do some volunteer work and lastly we’ve begun planning the ABG Capital Holiday Party! Who wouldn’t be excited for all of these great events!

We’re also promoting some employee suggested events such as the Covered Bridge Festival, Radical Days and a Sporting Clay Shoot Fundraiser benefiting the Michael J. Novosel Foundation.

We mentioned that we’re planning an open house to show off our new office. That means we have to have something to show off, right? We’ll we’ve put together an Office Decorating Committee who will be in charge of making our office look awesome. We want to highlight our employees, our mission, our C.O.R.E. Values and basically anything that represents us and the ABG Way. There have been tons of HUGE ideas floating around, so we know the new office is going to look fantastic!

Newest ABG Capital employeeThe last bit of news we have to mention is the newest member of the ABG Capital team. His name is Cameron Nutter and he will be working with VoIP Innovations. Welcome aboard Cameron!

Just another Friday at ABG

Well isn’t today just a rainy day in Pittsburgh? Despite this weather today, we’ve had a beautiful and sunny week! It’s also been a week full of excitement for us here at ABG Capital.

The first piece of exciting news we have to share with you is that we have another new employee to welcome to the ABG Capital family! Her name is Jenn and she is Inspira’s newest Customer Service Representative. If you missed the post we wrote about her this week, click here and get to know her better.

This week Jeff Tapolci, CEO of ABG Capital and Jason Tapolci, President of VoIP Innovations took Tyler Weimerskirch and Natalie Decario to lunch at the Rivers Club. They do this for every new hire at ABG Capital because it’s a great way to get

Natalie and Tyler from ABG Capital

to know the new employees on a more personal basis. Here’s a picture of Tyler and Natalie before they left!

We also need to address our lunch from today. All employees at ABG Capital are assigned to a lunch committee. Once a month a different committee has to prepare a lunch for the entire office. For April, we had Dan Ravenstahl, Mark Fleckenstein, Justin Cornish, and Tyler Weimerskirch. These guys did a great job ordering Chinese for everyone. We had a great variety of food and it was all delicious. Thanks for arranging that today guys! Chinese at ABG

The last newsworthy piece of info we want to share with you today is about the geese we have in the front of our office. These geese have a long standing history with ABG Capital and we feel it’s important that we share it with you. These geese have been in this complex just about as long as we have and they have surely made it their home. Look for a blog post next week that talks more about these geese and their history with us.

As always, thanks for reading and have a great weekend 🙂

Another New Employee for Inspira!

Jenn WIlliam, InspiraWe’d like to give a warm welcome to our newest employee Jennifer Williams! Jenn is joining us from Equifax in Moon Township where she worked as a Vendor Manager of appraisals. Jenn also has experience from working as an appraisal representative for Lenders Services. She is the newest addition to the Inspira team and will be taking on the role of a Customer Service Representative.  She will be working with Collin and Kathy who just joined the team not too long ago themselves.

Let’s get to know Jenn a little better! She is the mother of a 12 year old son who will be celebrating his 13th birthday on May 5th, Cinco de Mayo! Her son is a seventh grade honor student and athlete who loves baseball. Jenn is an outdoors enthusiast who loves to take bike rides and walks. She also enjoys being with friends and watching movies on a rainy day. When she’s not busy with these other activities, she’s scouring the Food Network channel for great baking tips. She says cupcakes are her specialty… Maybe we’ll get to try some one day!

As a new addition to the Inspira team, Jenn will be working in our temporary office space while the renovations continue to move along. Everyone, please offer Jenn a warm welcome to the ABG Capital family!