Just another Friday at ABG

Here we are again wrapping up another great week at ABG Capital. We have just a few things to go over and then it’s back to making your weekend plans. We first want to start off by saying that our open house was a huge success. The decorations for our wall came in on time and everyone was very impressed by how everything turned out. It was an overall great night that was shared with our friends, family and business associates. We hope to have everyone back for a visit soon!

Below are a couple pictures of our brand new office and office decorations. If you’d like to see more, stop by our Facebook Page. You might want to ‘Like’ the page while you’re there; we post some good stuff.




Now that November is here, we can start thinking about Thanksgiving. And since we’re thinking about Thanksgiving, we might as well be thinking about football! That’s right, our annual Turkey Bowl Football Game will be held next Friday. The two teams will go against each other in a fierce battle as they display their extreme skills in the mighty arena. Ok, maybe it won’t be that intense, but it’ll sure be a competitive game among co-workers! But as always, our support teams will be at your service! We’ll be posting some pictures from the game on Monday so make sure to check them out on our social media sites. Here’s an action shot of the game from last year:


As we wrap up this week’s Just another Friday at ABG Capital, we want wish a few people a happy anniversary and birthday. Here is the list of November anniversaries and birthdays:

  • Anniversaries
    • Jason Marshall – 3 years on November 1
    • Jed Blazanin – 12 years on November 6
    • Lowell Smith – 6 years on November 12
    • Matt Chapman – 12 years on November 15
    • Ian Hambelton – 6 years on November 19
    • Terri Sams – 5 years on November 26
    • Tom Cavey – 3 years on November 30
  • Birthdays
    • Natalie DeCario – November 1
    • Tom Cavey – November 1
    • Ari Sigalov – November 1
    • Jed Blazanin – November 7
    • Paul Frye – November 9
    • Steve Korbett – November 28

Happy birthday and happy anniversary to all of you! While we are celebrating many more anniversaries for these employees, we do have one that is ending today. Matt Bartko, a porting specialist for VoIP Innovations, has been with us since 2011 and will be leaving the company to explore other opportunities. We wish you the best of luck in the next chapter of your life!

Just another Friday at ABG

Since we didn’t get a chance to tell you yesterday, Happy Halloween! Of course we celebrated the holiday in the office yesterday by throwing a Halloween Party complete with a Pot Luck lunch and costume contests. Right now, I’d like to announce our winners for these five costume contest categories:

  • Best Woman: Denise Breide as a witch
  • Best Man: Nick Jenkner as Ezio Auditore da Firenze from Assassins Creed
  • Scariest: Tom Cavey as Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars
  • Most Original: Steve Korbett as Gary King from The World’s End
  • Funniest: Joe Aponick as Jed Blazanin another ABG Capital employee

If you want to see some more great pictures of everyone in their costumes, visit our Facebook page!

IMG_2273small IMG_2262small IMG_2264small

In other news from this week, Brian Barnebei started on Monday as our new Legal Counsel. We mentioned last week that we gave him a warm welcome by giving him some decorations for his office. Unfortunately, he didn’t like all the Pitt Panthers memorabilia we filled his office with. He retaliated by dressing up as a Mountaineer (since his REAL favorite team is WVU Mountaineers) for Halloween. He was a great sport about the whole thing which is why he’ll fit right back in here at ABG Capital.

Our Executive Team has also arrived back from their Gazelles, Inc. Fortune Growth Summit in Las Vegas. Our CEO, Jeff Tapolci, had this to say about his time there, “As usual, the Fortune Summits validates a lot of what we are doing right, but also gives us a lot more to think about that we can be doing as a company. This particular event validated that we are doing the right things by focusing on our culture.” It’s always nice to be reassured that you’re on the right track to making your company as good as it can be.

Before we close out this week, we’ll be joined by our family, friends, clients, and associates for an Open House to show off our new office. We’ll enjoy a great evening filled with great company, light hors d’ oeuvres and refreshments.

On that note, have a great weekend!

Just another Friday at ABG

It looks like October is starting to come to a close and we’re finishing out the month with a bang here at ABG Capital! All week our Executive Team has been in Las Vegas at the Gazelles, Inc. Growth Summit working on their leadership and strategic planning skills. They’ve attended these summits twice a year for the past eight years, and they always bring new information that will help our people and our organization prosper. If you’re interested in how the first summit this year went, check out this blog post! We’ve also posted some great pictures of the speakers so make sure you visit (and “Like”) our Facebook page.

While our Executive Team was off learning tools and techniques to bring back to the organization, the rest of the ABG Capital employees were learning some new skills of their own. Maria Gross Gray, our Health and Safety Specialist from Cintas, spent the day teaching our staff about CPR, First Aid and Safety. If you want to see some more pictures, CLICK HERE!

I have make a quick announcement about the FANTASTIC lunch that our October Lunch Committee put together. They went with a soup and salad bar and it’s safe to say that it was a hit around the office. Especially since we were seeing snow this morning!


Now that we filled you in on what went on all week at ABG Capital, let’s share some exciting things that we have going on next week. To start, we’ll be welcoming Brian Barnabei as our Legal Counsel. Although it is Brian’s first day, he isn’t a new employee. Brian used to work for us from 2007 to 2011 and now we’re excited to have him back in the office! We thought we’d give him a warm welcome by filling his office with a few decorations that remind him of his favorite sports team.

Brian is actually a a WVU fan...

Brian is actually a huge WVU fan…

Also next week we will be having our annual Halloween Party and Pot Luck lunch. Everyone is encouraged to wear their best costume and compete in our costume contest. Of course we’ll be taking pictures all day so make sure to keep up with us by following our social media sites.

As most of you know, over the past few months we’ve been working on an office expansion project. ABG Capital is growing and our office is growing with us. Next Friday we’ll be holding an Open House to show our brand new office space to our family, friends, clients, and associates. If you’re interested in finding out more about our upcoming events, please contact to our Office Administrator, Sara Warhold.

That wraps up this week’s Just another Friday at ABG Capital, so make sure to follow us on all of our social media sites as well as subscribe to our blog so you never miss a post.

Have a great weekend!

Just another Friday at ABG

It’s safe to say that our office will be receiving a face-lift very soon. We’ve been mentioning that we put together an office decoration committee and we’re happy to announce the materials for phase one of the whole office redecoration project have been sent off to the printer. We’ve gone through tons of ideas and edits and then more edits on top of that. The next step is to get the materials from the printer and start placing them on the walls. We are going to have three huge pieces and then some smaller things ready to go for our open house on November 1st. Since that dates getting close, we can give you an idea of what these three huge pieces are going to be. One is going to be a giant clock that represents the 12 Chimes of Life. The second one is a giant tree that will highlight employees and other things that matter at ABG Capital. The last, and probably the most exiting piece included in phase one, is a giant (26ft long) timeline that walks you through the lifetime of ABG Capital. These things are going to look amazing in our office and we can’t wait for them to be finished.

This week we also had a visit from Robin at Sunnybridge Natural Foods. She gave a great presentation on how health and wellness can be achieved through nutrition. The session was topped off with lunch and Sunnybridge gluten-free bakery treats, which everyone said were yummy!

TrichellesmallOn Monday we welcomed a new employee, Trichelle Barish, to the ABG Capital community. Trichelle was hired as the new Provisioning Representative for VoIP Innovations. Everyone help us in welcoming Trichelle!

The next piece of news that we have to share is about Halloween. We’re looking forward to the costumes and candy that are going to fill the office on our Halloween Party! Not only are we going to have a Pot Luck lunch, but we’re holding costume contests. There will be a prize for the best woman, best man, scariest and funniest costumes. There will definitely be pictures of the winners along with all of the other festivities that we’ll have going on.

If you remember from last week we were cheering on our Pittsburgh Pirates as they were making their way through the series against the cardinals. Unfortunately, our excitement didn’t last much longer because last night’s game proved to be the end of truly great season. It was a sad night in Pittsburgh, but it’s safe to say that this season was legendary. See you next year Buccos!