Health and Wellness Transformation: The Journey of Cherie Steffen

Welcome to another Motivational Monday! As we mentioned last week, this is our final feature in the series. We hope you’ve enjoyed these posts that showcased the journeys of Tim, Justin, Erica, Jeff, and Jerry, and have taken away some great tips and ideas to share at your office or in your own life!

Today, we’re introducing you to our Communications Specialist Cherie Steffen. Yes, it’s me! I’ve been with ABG Capital for seven months now and couldn’t be happier to have found such an amazing company and group of people who value health and wellness. They don’t just talk about it; they are about it. Like you, some of them don’t know my story, so let’s get into the whys and hows of my health and wellness transformation.

Health and Wellness Transformation . Cherie Steffen . ABG Capital Blog

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Health and Wellness Transformation: The Journey of Jerry Eddy

Welcome to another Motivational Monday! We truly hope you’ve been enjoying these wellness transformation stories we featured this month–we only have a couple left!

Many of us know it can be difficult to make healthy food choices or lace up those sneakers and get out the door. Our hope in featuring our fellow employees who have gone on successful journeys is to show you that it CAN be done–bite by bite and step by step, making little changes and committing to living a healthy life.

But a “healthy” life is not always centered on weight loss. Sure, our last couple of transformation stories like that of Tim, Justin, Erica, and Jeff, focused on dropping body weight. But the story of our Director of Development Jerry Eddy, is a little bit different. Jerry’s journey is that of traveling down the road of wellness. Keep reading as we introduce you to the health and wellness transformation of Jerry Eddy.

Jerry Eddy Health and Wellness Transformation . ABG Capital Blog

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Health and Wellness Transformation: The Journey of Justin Sparks

Hello everyone and Happy Motivational Monday! Our company is one that strives for a good balance of work and play and truly supports being active inside and outside of work. As we mentioned last week, we’ve had quite a few staff members decide for their own personal reasons to take this all a step further and really commit to being fit. They’ve gone on very successful health and wellness body transformation journeys and it started to have the rest of us asking, “How did you do it?”

So last Monday on our blog, we decided to kick off something new. We featured our very first body transformation story, that of VoIP Innovations Lead Engineer Tim Linn, and we’re continuing this week with another.

Let’s check out our second health and wellness transformation story and introduce you to GlobalPOPs and VoIP Innovations Network Operations Technician, Justin Sparks!

Before and After Weight Loss Picture Justin Sparks

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