Just another Friday at ABG

Welcome back to your weekly Just another Friday at ABG Capital! In today’s post, we’ve like to introduce some blog posts that we have coming up next week, recap some news from our Month End Company Meeting, and finally, we’d like to wrap up our Biggest Losers Challenge and announce the winners.

Let’s start off with some of the blog posts you can expect to see next week. The first post we’ll have is on preparing your business for any kind of disaster and then having a plan for recovery. Preparing your business ahead of time might mean the difference between keeping your doors open or closing them for good.

The next topic we’ll be focusing on for our blog posts will be Online Marketing Tools. Most business today are really examining what it means to be online. Their goals may start with simply creating engaging content, then move to generating qualified leads, and ultimately increasing sales. Online Marketing Tools are going to make these goals very attainable and measurable.

Today we also has our Month End Company meeting the end of July is near. Below are some of the highlights from that meeting:

  • June Employee of the Month: Paul Frye
  • July Spotlight: Kimmie Rivetti
  • Honorable Mentions: Randy Stegner and Jenn Williams
  • New Hires: Next week we’ll be welcoming two new people to the ABG Capital team; Michael Dichazi will be joining the VoIP Innovations Support Team and Ashley DelliCarpini will be joining the Inspira Customer Service Team.

ABG Capital Biggest Losers SuccessAnd now, for the most exciting part of this week’s Just another Friday at ABG Capital… The final results of our Biggest Losers Challenge! During this 8 week long competition our challengers have learning valuable information that will help them on their journeys to become healthier people. We want people to rethink the idea of going on a diet and start thinking in terms of making a lifestyle change. Doing simple things like drinking extra water, getting enough sleep, making healthier food choices and exercising more often will make a big change in your lives. If you’ve been going through this challenge with us, then we’d love to hear your results! Leave your comments in the section below! As for the results of our challenge, we’re happy to announce Nick Jenkner as the winner with an overall 6.82% total weight loss! Congratulations to everyone who took part in the challenge and we hope you continue to reach your goals.

Thanks for checking in with this week’s Just another Friday at ABG Capital. Have a great weekend!