Be a Back to School Leader this Year!

board-928378_960_720Whether your child is headed to school for the first year of kindergarten or the last year of high school, getting involved at school can help both you and your child become leaders in your community. Giving back at school is a great way to show interest in your child’s education, build their self-esteem and enrich your community.

Keep in mind that there are many opportunities within the school system and that not all volunteer opportunities are right for everyone. To decide which opportunities are right for you take into consideration your personal skill set, and the amount of time you have to dedicate to school involvement. Be sure to assess your options before committing to any long-term projects or activities. Below are a few ways you can volunteer inside and outside of the classroom.

In the Classroom:

  • Act as a classroom helper
  • Volunteer in the school library
  • Chaperone field trips
  • Mentor or tutor
  • Speak during Career Day

Outside of the Classroom:

  • Attend school board meetings
  • Coach sports teams
  • Volunteer to travel with the school band or orchestra
  • Lead the local Girl or Boy Scouts
  • Donate classroom supplies

pencil-918449_960_720Parent Teacher Association:

Many schools have Parent Teacher Associations (PTA). The PTA is an important part of the school system. The organization brings parents and school administrators together to discuss important school related issues including, budgets, curriculum, discipline issues, etc. There are various roles within the PTA that need to be filled including, President, Secretary, and Treasurer. If you do not have time to take a named role within the organization you can ask to serve on a committee of your interest. If you are interested in joining the PTA at your child’s school attending an open house, usually held in the beginning of the school year, is a great place to start.

Are you planning to volunteer this school year? Do you have any prior PTA experiences? Share additional ideas for getting involved at school in the comments!

Best Places to Work in PA and Celebrations


Before we talk about the festivities we enjoyed last weekend, we have a some very exciting news! We are proud to announce that ABG Capital ranked on the Best Companies Group’s 2015 Best Places to Work in PA list for the fifth year in a row! We are so excited and proud to be number 16 on the list of small to medium sized Pennsylvania companies! The Best Companies Group compiles the rankings by sending out a survey to employers and employees in hundreds of companies in the commonwealth. Using a formula, they score the surveys based on the answers to the questions. Employers fill out their survey listing the perks, benefits and offerings that they feel showcase the best parts about their company and employees fill out a separate survey with satisfaction-based questions. We are honored to be ranked so high on this list of innovative workplaces. Now that we got to toot our own horn for a second, let’s get into what really matters: helping during the holidays and, of course, partying.

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Spreading Holiday Cheer for Play it Forward


No child should feel left out during the holiday season. Thanks to the collective efforts of Play it Forward Pittsburgh and various businesses in the local area, toys are being donated by the truckload and distributed to families who might be needing a little extra help this year. Continue reading

Just another Friday at ABG Capital

We had a pretty calm week here at ABG Capital. The most exciting news we have is that our triangle logo has official been trademarked! We’ve been waiting for months for this to get approved and it finally happened. To read more about our trademark and trademarks in general, check out our blog post about us getting our official trademark.

ABG Capital Volunteering TeamOn Monday this week we also posted a recap blog article about our volunteering experience at the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies. We had such a great time there and it was a great opportunity to give back to our community. We even got a special thanks from some veterans who stopped by.

As I wrap this post up, I just want to remind everyone that it’s a three day weekend (like you need reminding :)) I hope the weather is nice and you have a great Memorial Day!

ABG Capital Volunteers at the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies

Happy Monday! As you remember from our Just another Friday at ABG post last week, we mentioned that some people in the ABG Capital office were taking a half day to go do some volunteer work. That volunteer work took place at the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies where we were equipped with buckets of waters and sponges to clean thousands of headstones. Our mission was to help the cemetery prepare for their Memorial Day celebrations next weekend. We had a gorgeous sunny day on our side and we were able to get through all the headstones we needed to.

This is the second year ABG Capital has volunteered at the cemetery and we hope to do it again next year because it’s such a rewarding experience. We were even approached by some veterans who wanted to offer their thanks to US! If you’d like to see pictures from our day, please visit our Facebook page.

ABG Capital CEO and Veterans

Jeff Tapolci and Veterans

The National Cemetery of the Alleghenies is a national cemetery that serves as the final resting place for thousands of veterans and their families. The cemetery lies on 292 acres and is a beautiful place that is well taken care of by a staff of no more than 20. If you are interested in being a part of the volunteer program at the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies, please contact their office for more information.