ABG Capital Heads to the Gazelles

It’s that time already? Yes it is! This week at ABG Capital, our Executive Team will be attending the 2013 Gazelles Leadership Summit presented by Fortune. Jeff and the team attend Gazelles events twice a year and they are usually in May and October. This year, Jeff will be taking Ron Eggert, Jason Tapolci, Dan Ravenstahl, Lowell Smith, and Sharon Kolesar. Nick Medina from M2 Telecom, a strategic partner of GlobalPOPs and VoIP Innovations, will also be joining them.

Gazelles LogoThe summit will be held on May 9-10 at the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort. During these two days they will hear from speakers from a wide variety of industries, but who all share a common interest: Leadership. A few of the speakers will be Jack Stack, Founder and CEO of SRC Holdings as well as author of The Great Game of Business, Laurie Bassi, author of Good Company: Business Success in the Worthiness Era, and Giovanni Livera, World Champion Magician, Celebrated Inventor, and author of Live a Thousand Years: Have the Time of Your Life.

Jeff makes it a point to attend these events every year and every time he gets back, he strives to educate the ABG Capital staff on the new techniques and best practices he’s learned. In this case, he will come back from the summit with information about leadership and he will strategize new ways that he and the Executive Team can work to implement any new tactics. When they return next week, you can expect that we’ll be filling you in with all the tips they got from this summit. Hopefully they’ll even take some pictures that we can share with you!