5 Tips to Keep Your Resolution on Track

My friends, January 1st has come and gone. Some of us sat down, took a good, hard look at our lives and decided that the New Year was a great time for a new start. So, we made ourselves a New Year’s Resolution and we said that this year was the year we would actually see it through. We would not fail. We would reach our goals!

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Keep Your New Year’s Resolution, Think SMART!

People! 2015 is almost a wrap. The New Year is in sight and brings with it a fresh start, a new beginning, a chance to start a new adventure, and plenty of opportunities to set some goals. Typically, people say that they are going to get healthy, get organized, save money, read more books, etc. Some of these might even be things that you want to accomplish in 2016. Resolutions, we call them! You’ve probably made them in years past and kept them with varying degrees of success. Continue reading

Just another Friday at ABG Capital

Happy Holidays from ABG Capital

We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday festivities and spending some quality time with friends and family. ABG Capital employees have been in and out of the office all week long spending time with their families. Instead of posting about things going on here at ABG Capital, we want to share some tips with everyone.

As the year dwindles down to it’s final days, the New Year’s Resolutions start to fill everyone’s minds. Some might want to go to the gym more, others might want to eat less chocolate while others might even want to change their whole attitudes.

These resolutions are created with such good intentions of following through and really making a lifestyle change. It is estimated that almost 40% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions, but only 8% actually achieve their goals (via Forbes). Have you ever let your resolution fall by the wayside? Well make it your 2014 goal that you will stick to a resolution because we want to offer you some tips!

USA Today has posted an article with some helpful hits on making sure your goals stay achievable. Below is their list of ‘6 ways to make your New Year’s resolutions stick.’

  1. Make changes to your behavior
  2. Define SMART goals
  3. Track your progress
  4. Reward Small Achievements
  5. Make it public
  6. You are human

If you want more details on these tips, you can view the entire article here. Thanks for reading and have a great New Year’s celebration!