Health and Wellness Transformation: The Journey of Jeff Tapolci

Hello everyone! We’re back with another Motivational Monday inspirational post for you. Why and what kind of inspiration, you ask? Well, in case you missed the previous three posts featuring Tim, Justin, & Erica, we’ve been spotlighting a few team members here at ABG Capital and our portfolio companies, such as VoIP Innovations, who have gone on amazing health, wellness, and fitness journeys. After all, we are a group of people who tend to play hard and strive for an active lifestyle, so this ties right into our culture!

This week, we are featuring the heartbeat of our company, Chief Executive Officer Jeff Tapolci! Nowadays, arriving at the office fresh from an early morning gym session, to sitting down at the lunch table where Jeff eats portioned, nutritional and colorful meals, we see him as a focused, dedicated man embracing his healthy lifestyle. But it wasn’t always this way…Follow along as we share the health and wellness transformation of Jeff Tapolci!

Before and After Weightloss Jeff Tapolci

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Health and Wellness Transformation: The Journey of Erica Penrod

Happy Motivational Monday! If you follow us on any of our social media pages, you’ll know that we are are a company that promotes the entrepreneurial spirit, whether that’s from a new employee in his or her first month, a manager, or all the way up to the CEO. But we don’t only strive for that inside the office; it’s something we like for you to carry into your personal lives. If you think about it, what’s more entrepreneurial than going out on your own on a personal wellness journey? It’s scary, it can be frustrating, you may doubt yourself a thousand times, and it carries great risk. But if those risks, pay off…watch out!

They definitely paid off for Tim and Justin, VoIP Innovations’ employees we featured the past two weeks. This week is no different. Let us introduce you to ABG Capital Controller, Erica Penrod. Erica took the risk and committed to living a healthier lifestyle. Fellow employees watched her transform before their eyes in just under a year. So how did she do it? Check out her health and wellness transformation!

Weight Loss Success Story

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Health and Wellness Transformation: The Journey of Tim Linn

Around here, we believe that healthy employees equal happy employees. Striving for a good balance of work hard and play hard, we have many active company-wide sporting events throughout the year and have a Wellness Committee that is tasked with helping our employees organize health and wellness challenges to keep us on point. We even encourage daily active moments throughout the day whether that be playing ping pong, shuffle board, doing pull-ups or taking a stroll around the block during the Tend to You at 10 and 2 breaks.

But some of our lovely team members have gone above and beyond our company culture of being healthy, fit, and active. On their own, with sweat, determination and dogged will power, they’ve managed to go down that sometimes bumpy road of a body transformation by putting in the work, succeeding, and living to tell the tale!

Seeing as though we’ve had so many members of our staff who have been successful losing weight, maintaining it, and learning to live a healthy lifestyle, it was time to have them share the wealth. Because as any of us who have tried to lose weight before (and not succeeded) want to know, HOW DID YOU DO IT? Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll share the stories of a few of these fabulous people so you can be inspired, learn great tips, and maybe one day pay it forward with your own story of inspiration!

Our first health and wellness transformation story is that of Tim Linn, Lead Engineer for VoIP Innovations, one of our portfolio companies.

Body transformation

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