ABG Capital Employees Spend the Weekend at Seven Springs!

Last weekend a few people from ABG Capital got together for a weekend of relaxation and bonding. Jeff Tapolci, Ron Eggert and Pete Littlejohn joined Jim Hoffman at Seven Springs Mountain Resort and they had a blast!

The first night they were there, they were up until 3 am playing cards, drinking wine, smoking cigars and enjoying each others company. They played Hearts and Spades and Pete even taught them how to play Eucher!

Seven Springs view for ABG Capital guys.

Look at that view!

Staying up until 3 am didn’t keep these guys off the golf course though, they were ready to play at 9 am. Pete and Jeff teamed up to play against Ron and Jim. Pete and Jeff were the winners of the game and you can check out their score cards on our Facebook page!┬áPete and Jeff were also victorious in sporting clays. Those score cards are also on our Facebook page.

ABG Capital weekend away

Jim Hoffman and Pete Littlejohn on the golf course!

The weekend was an overall great time for these guys. Weekends like these are about the camaraderie of a group of colleagues and friends. It can be hard to feel like a close knit team when you don’t get to work with everyone on a daily basis, but when you have times like these it brings back that team feeling!