Just another Friday at ABG

It’s Friday and you know what that means… Your weekly ABG Capital recap! This week we have a good bit of things to share with you. Let us first give you an update on a few of our portfolio companies:

VoIP Innovations:

Last week while members of our Executive Team were in Orlando for the Gazelles Fortune Leadership Summit, we had two VoIP Innovations employees, Tim Linn and Joe Aponick, attend an invitation only training session with Sansay. They got to spend time with the Sansay Engineers and other engineers like themselves, from all over the country. We’re proud to say that both Tim and Joe are now Sansay Certified Technicians.


As you know, we have recently launched a brand new ABG Capital website. That’s not the only website that has seen a facelift! Inspira has been growing very quickly over the past few months and it was time for their websites to reflect that growth. So far, we’ve updated Total IRA and Pinnacle IRA. We’re planning to release a new Payday IRA website in about two weeks and their Twitter account is already up and running! You might want to take a second to go and follow them. 🙂 The main Inspira site is the next one in line to be updated and we’ll be posting more details and a completion date soon. In the meantime, you can visit them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now Google+.

We’d like to mention a few more company announcements before we let you go for the weekend. We’re HIRING! ABG Capital, along with all of our portfolio companies are experiencing extremely rapid growth and we need more “A Players” to add to our team. Below is a list of the positions we are looking for. If you think you might be a fit, please email your resume to our HR Manager, Sharon Kolesar, at sharonk@abgcapital.com. She’ll be able to get you more information on these positions.

  • Technical Services Representative – VoIP Innovations
  • Customer Service Representatives – InspiraFS
  • Website Designer (with a concentration in website coding) – ABG Capital
  • Java Developer – ABG Capital

Giving back to our community is something that we value very much here at ABG Capital. We’re always doing something that can benefit the organizations we support. The biggest giving back initiative that we focus on each is granting wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Last year we were able to grant two wishes and this year we’re shooting for three! The current fundraising effort we have going on is selling raffle tickets for a basket full of Martini related items. Unfortunately we can’t sell tickets for this basket to everyone in the world, but if you’re interested in supporting this fantastic organization on your own, visit the Make-A-Wish website and make a donation!

ABG Capital Martini Basket

Speaking of our giving back initiatives, today is the day that we’ll be heading to the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies to volunteer. We went last year and it was such a great experience. We’ll be cleaning headstones and helping to construct the Avenue of Flags in preparation for their Memorial Day services. Stay tuned for pictures of the day. We’ll be posting them on our Facebook page later today.

Next week, you can expect to see some great blog posts showing up on the ABG Capital blog. The first will be on how Big Data can help to improve the customer experience and the second will be on choosing the best health plan for your employees. If you don’t want to miss these great posts, then simply enter your email in the subscribe box and you’ll get them delivered right to your inbox!

That’s all we have for you this week, we hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!

Just another Friday at ABG

Welcome back to our weekly Just another Friday at ABG Capital blog post! We have a few very exciting things to share with all of you today since we’ve had a pretty fantastic week. The first piece of news that needs to be shared is the donation we made to the Make-A-Wish Foundation this week. Every year we do various volunteering and fundraising events. All of the money we raise is matched by ABG Capital and then Donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation so we can grant a child’s wish. This year though, was a little different. We ramped up our fundraising efforts and with the generous matching contribution from ABG Capital, we were able to grant two wishes this year! Giving back is such a huge part of our mission and values and we’re just ecstatic that we’ll be helping out two fantastic children who deserve to have their wishes granted. Here are a few pictures from the donation event:

ABG Capital at Make-A-Wish ABG Capital at Make-A-Wish  ABG Capital at Make-A-Wish

We also want to mention that Kimmie Rivetti, the new employee we mentioned last week, is finishing up her very first week with us. Kimmie is working as our newest Billing Representative and we’re happy to have her as part of our team!


Kimmie in her ugly sweater for our ugly sweater party!

Since it’s right around the holidays, we decided to have a Pot Luck Lunch today along with an Ugly Sweater Contest! We also announced the winner of the Holiday Basket of Cheer today, which was Nick Jenkner. He wasn’t in the office today, but we couldn’t wait and had to call him to share the good news!

Last week we had our Annual Holiday Party and it’s safe to say that everyone had a fantastic time! There was great food, music, dancing and even some holiday trivia games! We announced our Annual Sports Awards and the recipient of our Gerard F. Tapolci Award. Randy Stegner has been with us since 2009 and since then he’s shown tremendous passion and dedication for the organization. Choosing him as the recipient of the Gerard F. Tapolci was a clear choice. Congratulations Randy and keep up the fantastic work! As for the Sports Awards recipients, each of these individuals let their talents loose and they shined throughout the games. Below is the list of awards and winners:


·         King Pin – Nick Jenkner

·         Gutterball Guru – Sally Stewart

·         The Striker Award – Jason Marshall


·         Golden Foot Award – Ari Sigalov

·         Take Your Ball and Go Home Award – Ron Eggert

·         Keeping the Peace Award – Lowell Smith


·         MVP – Natalie DeCario

·         The Slash Award (Cheerleaders/Scorekeeper/Photographer/Umpire) – Erica Penrod and Sara Warhold

·         Best Fence Jumper – Dave Smith


·         MVP – Cameron Nutter

·         Best QB – Jeff Linkowski

·         Biggest Heart Award – Tyler Weimerskirch

·         Brian Barnabei Hands of Stone Award – Brian Barnabei, since no one else could compete with his hands of stone.

Here are some other pictures from our Holiday Party:

IMG_3212small IMG_3213small IMG_3215small IMG_3222small IMG_3229small

Just another Friday at ABG

We’re back again with another weekly ‘Just another Friday at ABG Capital’ blog post! We had a fantastic week filled with a ton of excitement. We first want to say that we had an amazing time playing football in our Annual Turkey Bowl last Friday. The memories were captured and you can relive them over and over and over again by checking out the pictures and videos that are posted on our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

Holiday Basket FlyersmallBefore we get to into the week’s events, we want to announce the holiday raffle that we’re doing to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. For this particular fundraising event, we’ll be raffling off a basket filled with all kinds of goodies. Tickets are $1 each and if you are local and would like to purchase one, please send an email to Natalie DeCario at natalied@abgcapital.com. If you are not local and would still like to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation, visit their website to make an online donation.




Today was a busy and exciting day for us at ABG Capital. We had our lunch Committee, Tim Linn, Jaime Doyle, Sharon Kolesar and Natalie DeCario, organized a great Thanksgiving themed Chinese food lunch. They had decorations and all kinds of great food!

After lunch was served, everyone stuck around so we could have a company meeting to make some announcements and recognize a few employees. For our employee recognition announcements, our ABG Capital Employee of the Month was Tom Cavey and Sara Warhold was our Honorable Mention. Another announcement is for Terri Sams who was presented with her 5 Years of Service Award. Congratulations to all of you!


Terri Sams and Jeff Tapolci


Tom Cavey and Sharon Kolesar







Just to make some closing announcements, ABG Capital is hiring! We’re looking for someone to join our Billing team and our Portfolio Companies are always looking for great people to add to their fantastic team of Customer Service Reps and Technical Support Specialists. If you are interested in any of the positions, please send an email to marketing@abgcapital.com. VoIP Innovations is specifically looking for a new Account Manager to join their growing Sales Team. If you are interested in this position, check out the detailed Job Description and apply online.

IMG_0941Last but definitely not least, we want to let you know that one of our employees will be featured on the TLC show, Four Weddings. Jed Blazanin got married in August and the episode featuring his wedding will air next Friday, November 29th at 10pm EST. Set a reminder, set your DVR, do you whatever it takes to not miss it!

That wraps up this week’s Just another Friday at ABG Capital, have a great weekend everyone.