Just another Friday at ABG

Happy Friday everyone. 🙂 How was your week? Ours was great! Let’s get into this week’s Just another Friday at ABG Capital blog post! On the blog, we featured a great article that talked about employees and retirement plans. Do you use your company’s retirement plan as an incentive for prospective hires? This article is advising that you do. More and more people are looking for jobs that offer the kind of “exit strategy” they desire. Having a well-defined retirement plan makes your employees want to stay loyal to your company and it also brings a sense of ease knowing that there is a plan for their future. Check out this article and make sure you’re doing everything you can to offer the best retirement plan in the industry!

Next week on the blog, we’ll have an article that talks about how instituting good employee wellness programs can really be beneficial for your business as a whole. This is one thing that we value very much at ABG Capital and starting last year we decided to have Tend to You Breaks at 10 and 2. These breaks are designed to make everyone get up from their desk twice a day and go outside for a walk or toss the football around. It’s great for increasing productivity and boosting employee morale. It also helps with those employees who can’t wait for our quarterly sporting events!

In the office this week, we had a Lunch & Learn that was presented by our Office Administrator, Sara Warhold. Sara attended a workshop on Managing Multiple Projects and Tasks a few weeks ago and she shared some of the great tips with our staff. One of the tips she brought back with her was to “eat the frog”. Now before you go jumping to conclusions, let me explain this a little further. “Eating the frog” simply means doing the task that you’re dreading the most. It’s best to do this first thing in the morning so you get it out of the way. This method will give you a great sense of self-fulfillment and it will ultimately reduce your stress level. Next time you’re asked to do that awful project, just remember one thing: EAT THAT FROG FOR BREAKFAST!

Thanks for reading this Just another Friday at ABG Capital and have a great weekend!

Just another Friday at ABG

ABG Capital would like to wish everyone a very happy Friday! Later today we’ll all be heading to Latitude 40 to do some bowling. Employees from VoIP Innovations, Inspira and GlobalPOPs will be joining us as well. Not to worry though, we’ll still have a few people in the office for each company who will be assisting customers on any and all support issues. We’ll be taking pictures and Vine videos the whole time so make sure to check our social media sites to see everything!

ABG Capital 2013 Bowling

Now let’s take a look back on our week… We featured an awesome blog post that highlighted some of the reasons why it’s important to understand that all employees are representatives of your brand. If a customer is on the phone with a Customer Service Rep and that Rep is rude or unknowledgeable, then that customer might consider taking their business elsewhere. On the other hand, if that employee is pleasant and well-versed in the company and its products, then the customer is at ease and is more likely to tell others about how awesome your company is. If ALL of your employees can’t sell your company to current or potential customers, then you might run into some problems down the line!

This week one of our newer employees, Yvonne Iwanejko, attended her Lunch with Leadership. This is something that ABG Capital does with every employees on their 30 day mark. Jeff and Jason Tapolci make it a priority to get to know their employees and this is a fantastic way to do it!

If you check back into the ABG Capital blog next week, you’ll find a great article on business development; primarily how to make the large goals and numbers seem not so bad. If you’re worried that you might miss this post, you always have the option to subscribe! Once you do this, you’ll get an email from ABG Capital ONLY when a new blog post is published. It’s really a great way to keep up to date with our posts.

Have a great weekend everyone!