Just another Friday at ABG

Welcome back to the Just another Friday at ABG Capital weekly blog post! We hope that you were able to have a fantastic Thanksgiving with your loved ones. We started this week by having one of our Portfolio Companies, InspiraFS, announce their 2014 Annual Plan. Inspira has seen tremendous growth this year and we’re excited to see what they have in store!

The rest of the week was spent getting things ready for the Employee Appreciation Party that we held today. We love our ABG Capital employees and to show them that they do make a difference in our organization, we wanted to treat them to something more than their typical Free Lunch Friday (but we still provided a great lunch from Sunny Bridge Natural Foods). Once that delicious lunch was over, we brought in desert… We had a chocolate fondue fountain and trays stocked with strawberries, bananas, Oreos, pretzels and more! There was a ready to go ice cream sundae bar will all sorts of great toppings, including the fondue. We continued the celebrations by announcing the winners of our Chinese auction and then concluded with our traditional Scotch Friday. Overall, it was a great day, focused on showing our employees that we truly do appreciate everything they do.IMG_3164small



As you know, the holiday season is upon us and with that comes changes in office hours. ABG Capital will run on a normal schedule for the rest of the month, but the office will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. We’ll also be having our annual ABG Capital Holiday Party next Friday, and we all can’t wait for that!

The last note that we’ll make about the holiday season is about the Holiday Raffle Basket that we’re selling tickets for. If you want to know more information on how you can get a ticket, where the proceeds go, or what’s in the basket, visit this blog post. Just remember that we’ll be drawing the winning ticket on December 20.

And now… Drum roll please… We are thrilled to announce that ABG Capital has ranked No. 6 in the 2013 Best Places to Work in PA list! Last year we ranked No. 14 and from feedback we took away from the surveys we were dedicated to making our organization better. We’re proud to say that we achieved that goal!

On that excited note, have a great weekend everyone.