Just another Friday at ABG

Who’s happy it’s Friday? We are! We just have a few things to cover and then it’s time for the weekend. We’ll start with the outings that Jeff Tapolci, ABG Capital CEO, and Ron Eggert, ABG Capital President, attended on Tuesday. They first went to the PVCA 2013 Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year Luncheon. Later on in the day they attended a Client and Colleague Reception hosted by Clark Hill Thorp Reed. They were celebrating their new identity and thanking everyone who supported them in the process. To read more about these events, take a look at the Around Town with Jeff blog post!

As you remember from last week, we started Tend to You at 10 and 2 breaks as part of a new wellness program. So far it’s been going pretty well! Everyone can get away from their desk and go outside to blow off some steam. We’ve seen people using footballs, Frisbees and a hockey net even showed up. Check out the GlobalPOPs Facebook page if you want to see pictures from the pick-up hockey game.

ABG Capital Tend to You

A great action shot of Nate!

We want to give a shout out to our lunch committee this week for cooking up some great stuff for lunch today. Barry Yancosek, Sally Stewart, Joe Golubski and Jenn Williams have come up with a BBQ menu that includes BBQ chipped ham, BBQ pulled pork, vegan linguini salad, and a vegan bean bake. Doesn’t that sound delicious? They also brought watermelon and chips and for dessert they had ice cream and fruit bars. Thanks for the fantastic lunch!

Next I want to talk a little about the 12 Chimes of Life. While our Executive Team was at the Gazelles Leadership Summit a few weeks ago they got a book called Live a Thousand Years by Giovanni Livera. The book examines how measuring your time and success by moments and experiences can be very powerful. If you take these strategies to heart and apply them to your life you’ll experience 12 times the life experiences of the average person. If you want more information on each chime, we’ll be posting them individually on our social media sites every Monday. Here is the list of the 12 Chimes of Life:

  1. Time for yourself
  2. Time to be positive
  3. Time to give
  4. Time for relationships
  5. Time to learn
  6. Time in the moment
  7. Time to dream
  8. Time to play
  9. Time to work
  10. Time to forgive
  11. Time to be brave
  12. Time to reset

Lastly, I want to share a video that’s been floating around our office. It highlights the proper procedures that need to be taken when trying to get something fixed by our IT Department. Employees who DON’T follow the correct steps will face the consequences. Watch the video here!