Just Another Friday at ABG

Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you make any special plans for that special someone in your life? Here at ABG Capital we’ve been selling roses and carnations to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Along with the pre-ordered flowers we’ve been selling for the past few weeks, we’ll be doing a cash-and-carry sale with extra flowers we ordered. This is great for those who may have forgotten to pick up flowers for their sweetie.

Just Another Friday at ABG Capital

In other news this week, we posted two great articles on our blog: Helping Your Employees Get Their Degree and Changing Your Business to Better Serve Your Customers. Employees who get their degree become an overall better employee and ultimately drive up your revenue. Take a look at the post for more great reasons why helping and supporting your employees to get their degrees is a good idea.

The second post we had this week was on what your business can do to better serve your customers. The post covers some very well-known businesses who knew it was time for a change. Two of these companies are Samsung and Taco Bell!

Next week we have a blog post titled, Why All Employees Need to Sell. Whether you know it or not, every employee represents your company. Making sure they know how to represent you to your customers on the finer points of your organization is instrumental in continuing to run a successful company.

Last night Jeff Tapolci, Ron Eggert, Lowell Smith, and Natalie DeCario attended the annual KFMR e2e event. This event was created so that shareholders, staff, and friends of KFMR could get together and enjoy cocktails and conversation. It was a great night and it was nice to see old friends and colleagues. Thanks for putting on another great event KFMR!

The last announcement that we have to mention is that we’re going bowling next Friday. This will be the first employee sporting event of 2014 and if it’s anything like last year, it’ll be a blast. Stay tuned for pictures!