Just another Friday at ABG

For today’s just another Friday at ABG Capita blog post, we’d like to talk about the build-out project we’re doing right now. As you might remember, we started this project in early March and now that it’s September, we’ve seen a great deal of progress.

The new kitchen, multi-purpose room, Network Operations Center (NOC) and call center are all about 99% of the way done. Only a few small maintenance tasks are left. We’ve already moved everyone into their new climate controlled spaces and it’s seems to be going great! We’ve even had a chance to use the new multi-purpose room for a Social Media Boot Camp.

ABG Capital Construction

The old kitchen.

The construction is still going strong as we still have some areas of existing space that need to be redone. The old kitchen and copier space is being transformed into new storage and copier space, along with two new offices. On top of that, there’s still touching up that needs to be done on the walls to cover up holes and chipped paint.

We’re estimating that the entire build-out project will be done by the end of the month. “This expansion sets the foundation for the future growth of our companies,” said ABG Capital CEO, Jeff Tapolci. “The new space allows us to fit upwards of 100 employees comfortably in our office.”

That’s all the news we have for you today, thanks for reading and try not to make any Friday the 13th bad luck for yourself by breaking a mirror!