Just another Friday at ABG

Life at ABG Capital has been pretty good this week! We started a new office initiative that involves getting away from your desk and we closed out the week with some golf.

Our newest office initiative is designed to boost productivity and get people away from their desks. No, you didn’t read that wrong, studies have proven that leaving your desk for short periods of time will give your body the ‘recharge’ it needs to make it through the day without feeling stressed or overwhelmed. We’re calling our new program “Tend to You at 10 and 2”. We’ll be asking all of our employees to get up from their desks for 10-15 minutes at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and go do something. We are encouraging employees to bring in their own things like hacky sacks, basketballs, baseballs and mitts to add to the Frisbees, footballs, and other sports equipment ABG Capital will provide. We’ll be walking some laps around the lake, stretching our muscles with gentle yoga poses and becoming a fitter crew while recharging our brains! We’re officially kicking off this initiative next week so stay tuned for details on how it goes.

ABG Capital has gone golfing

Jeff, Ron and Ben Witsberger

Lastly, Jeff Tapolci and Ron Eggert have been out of the office playing in golf outings yesterday and today. Yesterday they were at the ACG outing with Sean Andreas from Wells Fargo and Justin Bertram from Incline Equity Partners.  They took 3rd place! Great job guys! Sean joined them again today in the Wells Fargo outing and Ben Witsberger, also from Wells Fargo, was there as well. For more pictures of their golfing adventures, check out our Facebook page.

That’s all we have for you today folks, have a great weekend!