Just another Friday at ABG

IMG_0150small Today was ‘wear your jersey to work’ day at ABG Capital. All of these employees were able to wear their favorite jerseys to help kick off Hockey Weekend Across America! This is the kind of thing we love to do at ABG because it’s a way for our employees to get excited about coming to work. Once we took this picture, we uploaded it the Pittsburgh Penguins Facebook page because they were running a campaign all day asking people to submit pictures of themselves and their friends sporting jerseys today. After we submitted the picture, it showed up on their page!

IMG_0143smallNot only was today a day to wear your jerseys, but we had a feast for lunch! Each month we have a different committee prepare lunch for the whole office. Today we had meatball hoagies, different soups, baked beans, potato salad, plus tons of other snacks as you can see here! Everyone loves a good cooked meal, especially when it’s cooked by all of your friends and co-workers.