Just another Friday at ABG

Pittsburgh PiratesHappy Friday from ABG Capital! Before we get into any company updates, we just have one thing to say… LET’S GO BUCS! If you haven’t heard, the Pittsburgh Pirates made the playoffs for the first time in 21 years. Needless to say, it’s an exciting time for Pittsburgher’s. There was even a guy who was so excited after the Buccos won the wild card game, that the only way he could express that excitement, was to jump off the Clemente Bridge! The second playoff game in St. Louis starts at 1:07 today and you’ll probably be able to catch some employees watching the game in our new conference room!

Now that we got that out of the way, we can start talking about some ABG Capital news. Since it’s the beginning of Buctober… oops… we mean October (had to sneak another Pirates reference there :)), we want to give a shout out to all the October birthdays and anniversaries. For birthdays we have Tim Linn on October 6th and Jacob Crisman on October 24th. For anniversaries we have Sebastian Kiely celebrating 7 years on October 19th and Randy Stegner celebrating 4 years on October 26th. We want to wish these employees a happy birthday and happy anniversary!

Cameron | ABG Capital

Jason Tapolci, Jeff Tapolci, Cameron Nutter

Speaking of anniversaries, our newest employee Cameron Nutter just got to spend his one month anniversary at the Rivers for lunch with Jeff and Jason Tapolci. Cameron is working with VoIP Innovations as a Technical Support Representative. Congrats on hitting your one month mark Cameron!

In other news, the build-out project is starting to come to an end. We’re starting to look like a real office again! We mentioned the office decoration committee last week, and we’re glad to announce that things are in the works to start making their way onto our walls. Very soon we’ll have an office that represents the ABG Capital culture and we couldn’t be more excited. Here are a few pictures of the newest places in our office:

ABG Capital Vending Machines

Our brand new vending machines.

ABG Capital Lounge

The TV and lounge area in our new conference room. This is where you’ll see us watching the Pirate game today!

ABG Capital Storage

Our new storage closet.

ABG Captial Copy Center

The future copy center.

ABG Capital Office

One of the new offices that’s almost ready for its’ owner to move in.

Just another Friday at ABG

For today’s just another Friday at ABG Capita blog post, we’d like to talk about the build-out project we’re doing right now. As you might remember, we started this project in early March and now that it’s September, we’ve seen a great deal of progress.

The new kitchen, multi-purpose room, Network Operations Center (NOC) and call center are all about 99% of the way done. Only a few small maintenance tasks are left. We’ve already moved everyone into their new climate controlled spaces and it’s seems to be going great! We’ve even had a chance to use the new multi-purpose room for a Social Media Boot Camp.

ABG Capital Construction

The old kitchen.

The construction is still going strong as we still have some areas of existing space that need to be redone. The old kitchen and copier space is being transformed into new storage and copier space, along with two new offices. On top of that, there’s still touching up that needs to be done on the walls to cover up holes and chipped paint.

We’re estimating that the entire build-out project will be done by the end of the month. “This expansion sets the foundation for the future growth of our companies,” said ABG Capital CEO, Jeff Tapolci. “The new space allows us to fit upwards of 100 employees comfortably in our office.”

That’s all the news we have for you today, thanks for reading and try not to make any Friday the 13th bad luck for yourself by breaking a mirror!

Just another Friday at ABG

Happy Friday! Has summer gone way too fast for you? It has for us! Anyway, we have just a few things to share before you can head out of the office and enjoy your weekend.

We first want to apologize for not posting this blog series last week. We were having some technical difficulties and were unable to get into the blog. We’re happy to say that we have since then solved the issue and are back up and running!

Moving right along, our office build-out project is moving right along and things look like they’re really starting to come together. Take a look at these pictures and check out some of the new space that’s starting to fill up with employees!

New ABG Capital office space

New office space!

ABG Capital new call center

Our new Call Center!
















As you know, once a quarter we like to treat our employees to a friendly sporting event. The first quarter was bowling, the second quarter was kickball and the third quarter is softball. Around 1pm today the annual ABG Capital softball game will kick-off. The two teams will battle for victory while having fun away from the office. While some are out at the game, our dedicated support staff will still be in the office ready to support our customers. We’ll be taking pictures, so check out our social media sites on Monday!

That’s all we have for you this week! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend 🙂

Just another Friday at ABG

Welcome back to your Just another Friday at ABG Capital! You can really tell that it’s summer around the office because we don’t have that much going right now. Things are moving along nice and smooth, people are taking vacations and most important of all, our build-out is moving along.

Earlier this week Jeff Tapolci, CEO of ABG Capital, and Ron Eggert, President of ABG Capital, spent the day in Cleveland, Ohio at McNeil Industries. They met Jim Hoffman, their strategic coach, and Justin McNeil of McNeil Industries. They got to tour their facility while getting some great coaching tips from Jim. These guys are a close knit group of professionals who always manage to have an enjoyable time with each other while gaining new insight into the way they run their businesses. The last time they all got together was in May; click here to read all about the fun they had!

McNiel Industries Cleveland

 Now I’d talk a little bit about the office build-out project we started in April. We need to expand our office due to the rapid growth of VoIP Innovations and Inspira. We’re constructing a new (bigger) kitchen, a new (bigger) training room and new (bigger) call centers. Unfortunately due to the landlord not getting electric and plumbing permits until late last week, the project has been slightly pushed back.

Phase one should have been completed by now, but because of the later permits, the builder decided to skip Phases three and four. Phase three has been completely finished, but Phase 4 has been only partially completed. Despite the minor set backs, we’re anticipating that we’ll be fully operational by the end of August!

Well, that’s all we have for today. Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!



Just another Friday at ABG

This was a pretty good week for those of us at ABG Capital and we have some great things to share with you today. Let’s dive in!

Coffee is the staple of most people’s days, would you agree? It’s the first thing some people think of when they get up in the morning and some people can’t even function at work until they get their first cup. If someone messes with that routine, the rest of the world better watch out because it’s bound to get ugly. We take our coffee very seriously here at ABG and our routine was messed with… Can you imagine the kind of turmoil that caused? There were broken coffee cups, shattered computers, brawls, and there may have even been a few desk fires… All because we weren’t able to get our coffee in the morning.

Okay, so maybe that didn’t happen. We still had to go about half a day without coffee, but we warned people ahead of time so they could prepare themselves. The lack of morning coffee happened only because we switched our services from Laurel Food Systems to Old Time Coffee. We have a very specific way that we like our coffee; it’s bold, but not bitter and Old Time Coffee can deliver just that!

Today was also our Month End Meeting where we talked about our 1st quarter, welcomed new employees, and congratulated other employees. April 1st was the start of our 2nd quarter and we’ve officially closed our books. Things ended up looking pretty good for us and our portfolio companies and next week you can expect to see a press release and a blog post that go into detail about financials, products, and an overall review. We also welcomed our newest employee Jennifer William to the Inspira Family. Click here to read more her and her new position. As for the congratulations, we celebrated the 5 year anniversaries of Jerry Eddy and Nate Rupp. We hope to see you both stick with us for many more years to come!

Jerry Eddy and Jason Tapolci

Jerry Eddy and Jeff Tapolci


Nate Rupp and Jeff Tapolci

Nate Rupp and Jeff Tapolci











Also this week, Jeff Tapolci and Ron Eggert attended the Pittsburgh Enterprise Forum. This event featured a discussion panel with influential people and some of their executives. They shared some great stuff with Jeff and Ron!

Up next, we have new developments with our build-out project to share with you. We’ve been hearing the sounds of expansion this week! And by those sounds, we mean hammering, drilling and all of those other great construction sounds.  Unfortunately, the Inspira folks who are in the temporary space are getting the most of that noise. They can handle it though! Here are some pictures of what was accomplished this week!

ABG Capital Build out 1

ABG Capital Build out 2

ABG Capital Build out 3

Lately you’ve been hearing about our growth and about all of the new employees we’ve been hiring. One of the newest projects we’re starting to work on, is a new employee onboarding video. This is going to be a welcome video with a few key people in the company talking about who they are and what do at ABG Capital. We’ve started the recordings and it’s going great so far. We can’t wait until it’s all finished!

That’s all we have for you today, have a great weekend 🙂